Top Travel Destinations In Rajasthan

Top Travel Destinations In Rajasthan

Travel to the land of Rajputs to experience the royal culture of Rajasthan! You are in for an oriental treat when you visit this haven of colors. The forts and palaces are sure to give you a sneak peek into the lives of the princes that ruled this state. A perfect blend of history and modern-day luxuries is what makes it a beacon for those looking for an exotic holiday this season. One can just not skip Rajasthan while exploring the diversity of India. Prep yourself for a kaleidoscope of nature love, historical legends, and oriental indulgence!

Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaisalmer! Rajasthan is blessed with travel destinations given its inviting cities. You’ll never find yourself at loss for activities. If you are planning your trip sometime around October- November, we recommend you to book your stay pre-hand. The glory of the camel fair and the frenzy that it brings along to Rajasthan is not unknown to the city of Pushkar. These couple of months manage to get about 20 lakh people and 50000 camels to the famous city. Enjoy a camel ride around the city’s Pushkar lake; and while you are at it, don’t forget to pay your homage to the 1800-year-old Brahma temple that stands tall as a proof of India’s ancient mythology.

The capital of Rajasthan is a must visit to understand the present day lives of the locals. The pink city has a lot to offer on its jam-packed platter. Along with timeless bazaars and majestic hilltop forts, Jaipur is also a proud possessor of Rajasthani art and craft. Look out for gems and textiles while you walk down the city lanes. Mouth-watering food awaits your appetite in comfortable eating joints across the city! With the city’s reliable accommodation options you’ll always find a place to crash at night. Rest assured, you can discover your own routes cutting through the city’s paved streets.

The ancient Arravali hills that surround Udaipur, lend this city a romantic ambience which is hard to escape. The city palace which tower above the crystal waters of lake Pichola, is a must visit for every traveller who visits Rajasthan! This palace looks upon another one which is known for its reflective shine by the day and elegant spot lit beauty at night. A surreal retreat amidst this structure is the perfect way to get the spark alive in your relationship again! Go ahead! Relive the days of holding hands as you walked down unknown paths, ever unaware of directions, rules or guidelines!

All you animal lovers can gaze your heart out at Sariska Tiger reserve. The playful deers and hovering birds are a bribe enough to visit this sanctuary. If your eyes crave some more, visit the Rathambore National park and witness the nearby temples and mosques as well! A trip to Rajasthan is the best way to get over the identity crisis that a competitive lifestyle leads to. Shed the burden, pack your bags and book your tickets today! Who’s to say that you can’t take a holiday without your boss declaring so?! Immerse in the colours of Rajasthan and get closer to yourself amidst its diversity!

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